Construction Tapes

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      CAN204 is a UV treated Polypropylene Tape typically used for splicing, to seam overlapping films, and repair tears in films. This industrial/specialty tape has excellent adhesion to insulation boards, good low and high temperature performance and UV stability. Available in 48 mm x 50m rolls.

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      CAN249 Construction Tape is a Polyethylene Masking Tape for heat shrink wrap, masking for stucco application, protective masking for non-painted surfaces, splicing, and holding. Available in 72 mm x 55 m and 96 mm x 55 m rolls.

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      CAN278 Construction Tape is a Resistant Polyethylene Tape for splicing, holding, patching a variety of surfaces, moving, and Hipp Wrap. Available in 96 mm x 55 m rolls.

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      CAN583 Polyethylene Pipe Wrap Tape is ideal for protection of underground and above ground pipelines. Available in 96 mm x 30 m rolls.

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      NAT534 is a polyethylene backed, pressure-sensitive adhesive tape with a synthetic rubber based adhesive. The adhesive is aggressive, features embedded stabilization to improve resistance to the effects of ultraviolet light, and will adhere well to a variety of surfaces. Available in 48 mm x 55 M and 96 x 55 M rolls.