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      3M31U72 3M™ Protective UV Tape is a 3 mil clear polyethylene self-wound film coated with a medium-high tack adhesive system featuring UV resistance. Available in 36" x 100' rolls.

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      CTS-32802 3M™ Outdoor UL Recognized Silver Polyester Label Product is a durable, high performance material that offers excellent thermal stability and moisture resistance. The polyester label stocks utilize 3M™ Adhesive P1400, which is a high performance tackified acrylic designed for use in demanding environments.

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      CTS-M5001 is a low to medium tack masking tape for use in interior applications. The product consists of a clear, low density polyethylene backing with a custom formulated water based acrylic adhesive. Available in 9" x 1000', 15" x 1000', 36" x 1000' and 48" x 1000' rolls.

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      CTSBW36X150 Crash Wrap is a temporary protective mask designed for use on textured and rough surfaces. It is excellent for protection of wreck vehicles, coarse plastics, textured laminates, fiberglass, cultured marble and similar surfaces. An acrylic adhesive system allows for clean removal with minimal adhesion buildup. Available in 36" x 150' rolls.

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      tesa® 4848 PV1 Surface Protection Film is suitable for surface protection applications in the appliance industry. Features an environmentally friendly polyethylene backing, light, age-resistant acrylic adhesive, easy, residue-free removal within four weeks of application, is resistant against different chemical ingredients, physical stress and moisture, and the transparent backing avoids a “darkroom” effect when the film is applied to windows. Available in 500 mm x 100 m rolls.

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      TUF7312 is a 3 mil LDPE product for surface protection on textured surfaces where a higher adhesion is required. Suitable for protection during shipping and/or moderate fabrication, the custom formulated acrylic adhesive system offers a “high adhesion” product with minimal adhesion build even during extended application. Available in 48" x 600' rolls.