Gaffers Tape

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      CTS-AV Cord Tape

      CTS-AV Cord Tape is a high quality, low gloss finish, polyethylene-coated cloth tape with a strong natural rubber adhesive. This unique product with its low light reflectivity makes this product suitable for entertainment-type applications where minimal visibility is required. Specially formulated adhesive allows for clean removal on most surfaces. Available in 72 mm x 45 yd and 72 x 60 yd rolls.

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      CTS-Neon Gaffers Tape

      CTS-Neon Gaffers Tape is a matte cloth tape with a rubber based adhesive system. High strength, high performance adhesive system that is highly conformable to irregular surfaces.

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      HBM510 Premium Gaffer's Tape has a heavy-duty vinyl coated waterproof cloth backing with excellent flexibility. High tack tape with excellent adhesion for superior performance. Non-reflective backing for low gloss. Retains flexibility and conformability in both low and high temperature applications. Available in 12 mm x 55 yd, 24 mm x 55 yd, 48 mm x 55 yd, and 72 mm x 55 yd rolls.

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      SHUP628 Industrial Grade Vinyl-Coated Gaffer's Tape is available in a wide variety of colors, used for color coding seaming, bundling, and protection. Also used as a gaffer's tape in the Arts & Entertainment industry to hold wiring, lighting, and props. Available in 6 mm x 50 m, 12 mm x 50 m, 24 mm x 50 m, 48 mm x 50 m, and 72 mm x 50 m rolls.